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"Today's Presentation


Wednesday, February 7th"Wednesdays gag"

Tuesday, February 6th"Tuesdays gag"

Monday, February 5th"Mondays gag"


"Last Months Comics"

Thursday, January 4th"Thursdays gag"

Tuesday, January 2nd"Tuedays gag"

"Further Back" NO COMICS


"Much Further Back"

Friday, December 22nd"Fridays gag"

Wednesday, December 20th"Wednesdays gag"

Monday, December 18th"Mondays gag"


"Further Further backwards"

Wednesday, December 13th"Pee Joke"

Monday, December 11th"Funny as All Get Out"


"Eons Ago"

Friday, December 8th"Funny as All Get Out"

Thursday, December 7th"Funny as All Get Out"

Monday, December 4th"Funny as All Get Out"


"The Big Bang"

Thursday, November 30th"Funny as All Get Out"

Wednesday, November 29th"Funny as All Get Out"

Monday, November 27th"Funny as All Get Out"


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