Instructions for Meeting Time Travellers

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By following the directions in this booklet, you'll provide your time visitor with a legal document detailing instructions to determine the when & where, the time & locations of a projected visit........SIGNED, SEALED & DELIVERED BY YOU, the how is up to them!

Your document is the key, and it must be passed down from generation to generation with the utmost care, until the time is ripe for future Time Travel. Before you pass on from life, you must give your document to some- one you can trust.......someone who understands it's not a joke.......some- one who will pass the document on to someone else just as trustworthy as you and he.......and so forth and so on, until Time has brought forth the ability to Travel in Time.......The Holder of your Document should seek out those who will help you succeed. The Document Holder should deliver the document to the one that's coming to visit you...............


How often many of us have wondered about the possibility of science creating such a thing in the future? We've known for countless years that anything imaginable by mankind could one day become a reality. Time and time again, this has been proven to be true. It's inevitable that Time Travel will one day be a reality.

H.G. Wells knew that one day we would be able to send a man to the moon. He also believed that space travel for all of us would follow. Wells said future man would also have the power of Time Travel. If his vision is correct, the instructions in this book are the possibility and foundation of tangible evidence for our present and future societies. Arranging a visit from a person of the future is not an easy task to accomplish. To follow the instructions in this book properly takes a great deal of hard work and careful preparation.


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Intro | How Discovered | Speculation of Laws | Outline of the Document
Interactive Online Document | When the Visit Occurs | If the Visit Doesn't Occur

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