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This Site Started in March, 1995

Most of the artworks and materials displayed through Art Comics are available for you to copy to your computer for your enjoyment only, otherwise, you do not have permission to resend the artworks via email, copy or print them in any manner without the express written permission of the appropriate artist. All works are copyrighted. Parties interested in contacting any of the artists showcased are encouraged to send email.

Any site wishing to redisplay one or more of our daily or other features must first obtain permission from the web site director by sending a request via email and also give the url of the page they wish to display the artwork(s).This in the understanding that the works contained in Art Comics are bonafied artworks by artists in which "Art Comics" (or Artcomic) exists primarily as an online Art Gallery in which to display works of art. Anyone redisplaying these works of art is doing so acknowledging the fact that these presentations are works of art.

Some of the works of art on this site may not be suitable for certain audiences that are easily offended by strong language, satire, and nudity. If you are one of these people, you are advised to leave. Parental Guidance is suggested.

Please Note: No cartoonist/artist is being paid to create or display their works of art.

Need someone to create some special cartoon art?, give us a shout via Email at:
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