Instructions for Meeting Time Travellers

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My Speculation of the Laws of Time Travel

I don't know if the Time Travel Method of the Future will be invented by one person devoting their life to the quest or by a group of scientists under strict scrutiny of the Government, but I do know that as years pass, after the invention of this wondrous transportation device, there will be strict laws governing its use. What the laws will be, I can only speculate.

I believe it will be illegal for future Time Travellers to pop into the past whenever and wherever they feel like it........unless one important rule is observed. That rule is for them to have your permission, from the past, to visit you. Party crashers just won't be allowed.

The reason Time Travellers won't be allowed to travel randomly, or by choosing their own locations, is because it will be considered Illegal Time Alteration. The laws governing the uses of their transportation units will make it clear that people of the future will not want to take chances of altering any aspect of their past. Frankly, I believe that the past cannot be changed and that they probably would unwillingly destroy themselves if they took a wrong trip because of the simple law of nature or if they chose to travel for alterating reasons....... Ahhhh, but by you giving written permission to a future person to visit you is an altogether different story because you haven't altered the occurrences of time in any manner...How could you?...You've given your permission.

You'll be providing your Time Traveller permission to visit you through an iron-clad document, written by your own hand. This makes you legal and bound for a visit. A potential Time Traveller with your document of instructions and permission would be ecstatic to partake of such an adventure.

Even if you don't agree with my speculations of Time Travel doesn't matter. My method of meeting a Time Traveller nonetheless could work for you if you will follow the instructions exactly as I've provided them for you in this book.

You're the willing recipient, the welcome stranger to the needs of one who wishes to visit someone of the past........ Your document makes all the difference in the world. You're the one who wants to succeed. It doesn't matter if you know how the method of time travel works or not. What we have done through this book is succeeded in providing the opportunity for the method to work for us.

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