Instructions for Meeting Time Travellers
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Instructions to your Document Holders

Page three of your document consists of basic information for your document holders to follow. All you have to do on this page is sign your name.

Document Holders

The key to being successful in meeting your Time Traveller is by having reliable Document Holders passing down your document...generation to generation....with serious intentions of helping you accomplish your Time Travel connection. The avenues are open to how you decide to use this hand- me-down method. After you've finished your document, you've got an important question to answer:

"WHO CAN I TRUST TO HAND DOWN MY DOCUMENT AFTER I'VE DIED?" To answer that question, you have to look in many directions. You have many options open to you. If you have children, you may trust them to carry on what could become a family tradition or even an heirloom. Just about anyone could help you if they're open-minded enough to carry out the Document Holder's instructions.

If you've made copies of your document pages. you can use those to expand your avenues. The more people you can trust to hand down your document the better your chances of success.

Someone I know sent a copy of his document to a Physics Scientist at a well known local university. Maybe you belong to a church that would pass down your document. An ideal place to send your document would be a foundation devoted to this cause. If you find one or start one, let me know so I can list the information in future editions of this book.

Your document is the key, and it must be passed down from generation to generation with the utmost care. until the time is ripe for Time Travel.

Before you pass on from life, you must give or will your document to someone you trust.... someone who understands that it's not a joke....someone who will pass the document on to someone else just as trustworthy as you and he. ....year after year.....trusted person after trusted forth and so on, until Time has finally brought forth the ability to travel in time.

The Holder of your Document should seek out those who will help you succeed. The Document Holder should deliver the document to the one that's coming to visit you.

I can't predict when Time Travel will be available, but if your Document Holders follow their instructions, you should succeed....even if it takes 200 years.

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