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Part 1 - Directions for your Time Traveller

This section takes the longest to complete because some legwork is required, as well as some careful planning. Whenever you're going somewhere to meet a friend, both of you need to know where to meet and what time to be there. These two ingredients are essential. In your Time Traveller's case, it's even more essential.

Year after year, our terrain changes. Buildings are torn structures are built.... roads are repaired.....even nature alters our land. THESE CHANGES OCCUR!

I live in an old house that will probably be torn down for the onslaught of condominiums being built in my area. If there's a chance your house won't be torn down, then by all means use it as your meeting place. If you live in the White House, that's great, because it will probably still exist in the future.

You need to find a place you firmly believe will still exist in the time period of your Traveller because that's going to be your meeting place. It could be a semi-famous structure in your community such as a monument anyone hardly notices. Monuments are seldom taken away because they're usually an item of pride and glamor. If there's a sidewalk area surrounding the monument, you may have an ideal meeting place. Just be sure you don't choose a heavily traveled area where people that don't understand what the two of you are doing to take notice. What you are attempting is a secret private matter. Pick a place that is completely vacant at night if you prefer. Think about it seriously and you'll find the perfect place.

Once you've decided where to meet, go to this place. Analyze it closely. Pick three spots within 50 feet of each other. Mark these spots permanently. Create your identification markings by chiseling or etching.........just be should they're permanent,....crayons, grease pencils, and related tools won't work. Also be should sure your chosen spots are at ground level.

You may choose to make more than three markings. The reason for the multiple markings is plain. By placing more than one marking, you are taking into consideration that some of your markings won't survive into the Time Period of your Traveller. You must make a survivable mark.

On your document, you'll need to give explicit descriptions of your locale and markings. To get started on this, you should take a visit to your city zoning department. They can provide a copy of the existing blueprint showing your area. Usually there's a small charge to obtain one. Your blue print should show the existing roads surrounding your area. It should also show your area's lot and block number. If you're not able to obtain a blueprint copy, you'll have to draw your own map to the best of your ability.

Now take your blueprint copy with you to your meeting place. Look at your area and compare it with your map. If your area has trees and your map doesn't, show the trees on your map by drawing circles where the trees exist ....then, write the word tree inside the circles. Do the same thing if other objects exist in your area. (A good idea would be to take a photograph of the area and include it with your document). Be sure to draw in a complete description.

Don't forget to draw a diagram of your markings, too. On your document you should describe the material your markings are on. (Usually a sidewalk or large concrete area). The idea is for your Traveller to be able to find your markings. This gives him a safe spot to meet you....obstacle free.

With the blueprint map, you might want to attach a basic city street map with a circle drawn around your area.

You have an option to record your area in great detail with a video camera.. ..When you are through filling out your document, you would simply enclose your recorded tape with your document pages in a Manila envelope.

Part 2 - Instructions To Your Time Traveller

Most of the pre-written instructions in this section should be self- explanatory to you and your Traveller. The blank space entitled "Additional Instructions" is for you to fill out. What you write in this section is up to you. If you wanted them to bring a four-course dinner with them, they probably would. Why wouldn't they be eager to fulfill your instructions? This person will be as excited as you are. If you want something of them, don't be afraid to ask.

You might want to write on the document your wish to give them a present. Then, when they go home with it. they'll have an antique to admire.

Be exact in your instructions. If it's in the power of your Traveller to honor your requests, they will do so. It's a good idea to give reasons for your requests......If your reasons are sound and honorable, your Traveller shouldn't have any difficulty in fulfilling your needs. If your reasons are selfish, you may have a problem. In summation, I believe listing reasonable multiple requests would further the success and productivity of your experiment.

At the end of your second document page are spaces for signatures. You need to sign your signature where it reads "Time Traveller's Contact", but don't sign it until you're ready to have your document notarized by a Notary Public. Your document becomes a legal and binding contract when it's notarized.

There's also signature lines for your Time Traveller and their Notary Public. When your Traveller receives this document, they should go through the same legal procedure you followed.

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