Instructions for Meeting Time Travellers

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Outline of the Document


General Information About Yourself

In the back of this book is the first page of your four page document. All you have to do in this section is fill it out as indicated. .......If you'll take a look at it, you'll notice its resemblance to a job application or some other type of application you've filled out before. I guess you could say it's an application of sorts, but it's really an important personal profile for your Visitor. Fill in the blanks honestly.......It shows your worth. There's no need to throw in any sensationalism. I guarantee your visitor will think you're interesting enough the way you are. They're not going to be judgmental.

Although some of the blanks may seem unimportant to you, it's possible your Time Traveller needs some of this general information for various reasons be- yond your comprehension. Remember, your friend has a tremendous amount of homework in preparing their journey, and we want absolutely nothing to go wrong with their planning.

At the end of the General Information page is a section entitled "Additional Information". In this space you should provide what you consider to be your good, interesting qualities. Write about what makes you tick. Be personal in a general, but friendly manner. Talking openly will probably give your Traveller a good view of your psychological make-up. Mental gestures are a good way for someone to get to know you.. Your style and personality will be well read in this section.

You have the option of attaching a photograph of yourself to this page.


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