Instructions for Meeting Time Travellers

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Outline of the Document
The document you will be composing can be broken down into four sections:

Step by step, I've written explicit details and explanations about each section of your document.

Be sure you read every bit of information before filling in any blanks. As you read, think about each step clearly.

You have the option of cutting your document pages out of this book or making xerox copies. The idea is to place all four pages together as one document when you've finished.

If you think of something important I've left out of the instructions, apply it in your additional information spaces.

Most importantly, when you have completed your document, you must make sure it's never lost, thrown away, or destroyed.......It has to survive over the years so it can reach your Traveller.


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Table of Contents

Intro | How Discovered | Speculation of Laws | Outline of the Document
Interactive Online Document | When the Visit Occurs | If the Visit Doesn't Occur

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