Instructions for Meeting Time Travellers

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Outline of the Document

List of Document Holders and Their Signatures

  • Your name and address goes onto this page as being the first Document Holder

  • Whoever you trust your document to is the next person to sign.

  • Every person who becomes a Document Holder should sign this page in the order of their possessions.

  • The last line is for your Traveller to sign. Their signature finalizes the document.

Like any documental transaction, your Traveller should make an appropriate copy of the contract. When they visit you, they should bring their copy with them. If a length of time is permitted in their visitation, you should do your best to make a copy of their copy. DO NOT KEEP THEIR COPY. Maybe they'll bring a copy to you.

With your copy, you are provided with strong proof of being visited by your Traveller.....But that may not be enough to convince many people. Truthfully, how many people are going to believe you were visited by a Time Traveller.

If you are able to make a copy of the Traveller's finalized version, please send me a copy for my records. Testimonies are vital in the early stages of this new ground we are walking on......Any correspondence concerning success stories or questions can be directed to me. Email me at



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Interactive Online Document | When the Visit Occurs | If the Visit Doesn't Occur

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