Instructions for Meeting Time Travellers

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How I Discovered This Method

Most major city newspaper companies keep back issues of their publication on file. Usually, every page is recorded on filmstrips or microfilm, in the sequence they originally appeared. The department these film files are systematically stored in is called the Records Department.

The place is similar to a public library and is open during daytime business hours for the public's use.

By placing your selected filmstrip into one of their viewing machines, the screen lights up with a large image of a newspaper page.........All you have to do is turn the knob holding the filmstrip in place until you reach the page you want to view.

Last year, I was in the Records Department of a newspaper company using their facilities to research some material for a magazine article I was writing. Page by page, day by day, and year by year, I had viewed every piece of printed matter from the years "1925" all the through "1929". I found it amazing to be able to have such a wealth of recorded history and nostalgia at my fingertips.

I began viewing "1929". A variety of items flashed across the screen. News stories! Clothing store ads! Comic strips! Women's Society pages! Radio programming! Theatre ads! So many items that composed the world of that year. A world of excitement was filling my head. The era of the Great Depression was holding an aura of wonderment for me.

After hours of scanning and piecing together data for my article, my eyes (or should I say my mind) started playing tricks on me. I saw the words, "DOCUMENT'S DIRECTIONS TO TRAVEL BACK IN TIME - COME VISIT ME!!", flashed in front of me. Then the words disappeared. I blinked my eyes and looked again. There were no such words on the screen.

Before you think I'm crazy, let me tell you what I discovered. Looking over the page carefully, there was an article about H.G. Wells.........there was a travel vacation advertisement........and there was an article that gave directions for the layman to write legal wills and documents. They were all on the same page. Somehow, all of these separate printed entities had been fused together in my mind for a brief second of time to form those words.

When I saw those words, my immediate reaction was a mixture of enthusiasm and disbelief. At that moment, I thought to myself, "Someone from the past wants to meet someone from the future...they want a full-fledged visitation. If I had a Time Machine, I would go.....They've even printed directions on where and what time to visit them." Then I wondered, "WHAT WOULD THE REACTION OF SOME FUTURE PERSON WITH THE ABILITY TO TRAVEL IN TIME BE IF THEY REALLY CAME ACROSS THOSE WORDS IN AN OLD NEWSPAPER?" It was that moment I knew I had hit upon something. THE FUTURE PERSON WOULDN'T BE ABLE TO RESIST VISITING THAT PERSON FROM THE PAST.

From that day on, I worked diligently on the question, "How could I get a Time Traveller to visit me?"

I couldn't very well snap my fingers and expect them to appear on the spot. Somehow, they would have to receive my open invitation.......But I can't hand deliver it to them in person?........and I can't mail it?......... How do I deliver an open invitation to my Time Traveller?

I found the answer and the whole process seems to be so simple, I can't believe I've never come across it anywhere else before.

The answer is to have someone else deliver it. Someone trustworthy living in the projected time period.

How your Time Traveller gets their invitation is well explained in this book under the section entitled "Document Holders."

My Speculation of the Laws of Time Travel Next Section

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