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Press Release

Arlington, VA -
With larger, better financed corporate webcontent sites folding every day due to the lack of interest and money, the Art Comics Syndicate continues to prosper, entering it's fifth straight year of providing daily comic strips and cartoons to the Internet. Having started with one comic strip, the Xeric Foundation-winning "Bobby Ruckers," the on-line syndicate Art Comics started by Mr. Bebe Williams in February of 1995, has grown to eight daily features with comic strips, cartoons and animation. The driven dedicated artists continue to churn out new toons on a daily basis, unlike the print syndicates which simply recycle their print strips on Internet websites.

The Art Comics website, (located at url:, regularly receives just about a half million readers per month, which is incredible when you consider the fact that the tiny upstart has accomplished all this not with a paid advertising campaign, but through a lot of hard work and edgy, interesting cartoons which bring users back day after day.

The Art Comics features are not only available all together on the "Daily" page, but the site also provides an archive of six weeks of past strips and toons for each feature which allows users to "catch up" on their favorites. Each feature is also available on a free email subscription basis, which means "fresh toons are delivered to your box daily."

The daily features include: "Art Comics Daily" and the occasional daily "Bobby Ruckers," by Bebe Williams, "Gas Comix" by Richard McMurry (weekly), Can Hed Comix by Marc Lutz, the "Art Comics Showcase" by guest cartoonists, and "Just Ask Mr. Know It All " by Mr Know It All.

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