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ULTRA RARE! I only know of 6 copies!

1968 Uncut Robert Crumb Cover of Snatch Comics #1 - pre-first printing

White Hair Woman

This is a guaranteed original mixed test pressing cover from early 1968 acquired from the print shop of Don Donahue, the orginal publisher of ZAP Comix. A mint copy of a 1st printing Snatch is worth a lot of bucks.

The comic book is rare itself. The Yellow Part of the print is a plate used to print Zap Comix #2.

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# Snatchkeys

Zap1keys back cover
Back Cover View

Measures 14" x 10"

Suitable for framing.....in excellent, uncut, and unfolded condition!!!!!!!

The back cover is a test pressing of "The Golden Keys", another 1968 print job Donuhue worked on.

Shipped flat and protected. Comes in a heavy mylar container with an acid-free backing board.

Here is a copy of the note Don Donuhue included with this cover.

Purchase comes with a copy of this note.

Some First Printing Snatch Comics #1 have this White Speck

See that speck of white on the bottom of that line above the blonde's head? I believe that connocts a pre-1st or the first part of a first printing. I have not seen it on the later editions. The cover on this page has that attribute.

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