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Snatch Comics #1 1968 - 1st printing NM
Tales From the Ozone #1 NM RARE
Zap Comix #1 Robert Crumb 1st printing F

Zap Comix #1 Robert Crumb 1st printing

Just got one in

"Doomsday" RARE 1972

Just got one inalso (2) original pages

Cover of Snatch
Tales From the Ozone #1
Zap Comix #1
Art Spiegelman - "In the Temple of Cartoon Gods" - 2000 - Signed Edition of 200 - $75

This is a LIMITED EDITION 18 X 24 POSTER printed in full color on deluxe heavy card stock. The poster features ART SPIEGELMAN'S gorgeous back cover artwork for LEGAL ACTION COMICS. The artwork features portraits of legendary cartoonists R. Crumb, Robert Williams, Wally Wood, and Spiegelman himself.

The poster is signed and numbered by both Spiegelman and LEGAL ACTION COMICS publisher, cartoonist DANNY HELLMAN. Only 200 of these signed posters are being made available by the publisher, and no more will be printed. This collectable poster is certain to increase in value, so all serious collectors of underground/alternative comics art owe it to themselves to buy now.


(Diana posters, check them out)

Underground Comix / Rare Stuff

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