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The Value of a Zap #1 Plymell Edition - First Print - Updated

Written january, 2002 by Bebe Williams. revised November 2002

A book sold for $1,200 in 2002 and was only in good.fair condition (1.0), the ratio of pricing to grading would make a NM (9.4) copy go for the neighborhood of $15,000 as a lowend. This is not a joke if you follow the grading guidelines set up by Overstreet.

Another sale in 2001 consisted of a Very Good/Fine (5.0) condition signed copy by Crumb & Plymell copy of a Plymell by a honest reputable New York dealer to a private collector out in LA for $5,500 could be important in determining a true value. (maybe deducting $1000 for the autographs).

And in 2002, two different copies of a Plymell in 6.5 Fine condtion sold, one for $3,000 and the other for $4,000. These sales closely match the LA sale pricing ratio. (in which a 9.4 copy would be valued probably at $25,000 give or take a few thousand).

This is purely subjective......but there are key books in comic history: Action #1, Amazing Fantasy #15, and Zap #1 (give and take a few other titles of course, but these represent transistional changes of comics of key comics).

Action #1 top price is $400,000 (this is increasing approx. 43% each year)

Amazing Fantasy #15 came out in 1962 and currently the top price is $49,000 (this has increased in value approx 40% each year) - the ratio of existing Zap 1s to Amazing Fantasy #1s is crazy, I estimate a ratio of 300 copies to 1 copy in a minimum speculation.

Zap #1 came out in 1967 and probably tops out at $6,000, maybe $7,000 for a NM copy in 2001. Lets say at 40 years for this book, it's worth at least the value of a 40 year old Amazing Fantasy #15 (that's fair and a low fairness since the Amazing Fantasy is only 39 years old)........but every indication says that 35 year old Zap Plymell is already matching a 40 year old ratio of an Amazing Spiderman #1 and near an Amazing Fantasy #15.

This would be a normal progression for a NM condition Plymell book. The key to increasing the value is promotion of the genre and the rareness of the printrun (1,500? 500? how many exist now?) - Every indication says these projections match a normal state of increase for a premium comic book. It does mean these projections are concrete, just speculatory.

  • 2001 - $7,000 -
  • 2002 - $10,000 - 25,000 - an probable overprice ratio occured
  • 2003 - $14,000 - 35,000 - could be at a 40% increase per year
  • 2004 - $20,000 - 49,000?? - % could change or lower itself though
  • 2005 - $28,000 - 68,600 ?? - could lower
  • 2006 - $38,000 - 96,040 ?? - could lower
  • 2007 - $56,000 - 134,456 ?? - could lower
With all of this information at hand, these are the probable low end value of a Near Mint zap 1 first printing in the next years or so??
©2001-2002 Bebe Williams

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