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"Zap Comix" #1

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1968 - RARE - - 1st printing of which probably 3,000 copies were printed by underground comix printer Charles Plymell (the amount is pure speculatory information from various sources). The Kennedy Guide says 5,000 copies, Pam Plymell sez probably 1,500 copies, so I've split the difference here:). Entire book by Robert Crumb. I have value projections here if you want some info........they might be very low.

It sez Printed by Charles Plymell on the back cover at the bottom left corner. This is a nice flat copy and a very very early printing (it has one bottom right corner light crease on the cover, see it? Like my friend Saddler said when he saw it, "BIG DEAL!!" "that is a beautiful book"). Entire book is by underground cartoonist Robert Crumb. Considered RARE in high grade. Some sales that I know about of a Zap Plymell is a NM 9.2 for $15,500.00 bought by a NY dealer for resell (WOW), and a VG/Fine - 5.0 copy selling for $5,500.00 two years ago by a private dealer to a private collector (easily verifiable and hardly a fluke considering the details).

As a key comic book, it is far RARER than a copy of Amazing Fantasy #15 (the estimate is currently 1 to 325 copies, do your math for the rarity factor.). Considered the first True Underground Comic book and a key comic book, it will shoot up in value when the mainstream takes over. :)


Underground Comix / Rare Stuff

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