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"Tales From the Ozone" #1


1969 - RARE - 9.2 High Grade Near Mint - Hard to find in high grade condition. The only flaw with this book is two bindery chips (which allowably is not usually part of a grade, if you want to take the chips out of the grade, then raise it up to 9.4). You will not find a better copy anywhere.

Artwork inside by Carl Lundgren (who also did this cover), Robert Crumb, Vaughn Bode, Gary Grimshaw, J.A. Copley, Gilbert Shelton, and Jerry Younkins.

The following is the history of this book from the former owner's perspective:

"The story of how I came to own two perfect copies of Tales from the Ozone # 1 is I think, a fairly interesting one. It's not every day something like this falls into one's lap. And the reason I got them was totally thanks to my wife."

"We were in Cape Coral, FL and this was probably about 7 or 8 years ago, I can't really remember. We went into a pawn shop which, incidentally, isn't there any more. I don't usually like to go into pawn shops, but my wife wanted to so we did."

"They had some boxes of comics there and I was looking through them and not finding anything. My wife had looked around the store and she came back over to me and asked if I'd found anything."

"When I told her I hadn't she turned and asked the owners if they had any underground comix. I thought she was out of her mind. No way did I think that this store would have anything I was remotely interested in."

"They said they had a couple in the back and went to get them. Meanwhile, I was expecting some Eros comics or something similar. They came back out with those two Ozone issues and I knew right away what they were because I already had that other copy which isn't in such nice shape. They handed them to me and my first thought, seeing what nice shape they were in, was that they were reprints. I opened them up, though, and the pages were faintly yellowed showing that the comics did have some age to them."

"They said their nephew had given them to them. That he was a printer in Michigan who had helped print them. He had told them that the comix would be really valuable one day and to hang on to them."

"I guess they chose not to believe him because when they saw that I was interested in them they saw their chance to sell them and let me have them for, if I remember correctly, $8 apiece!"

"I didn't feel too bad about it. They were in the selling business and had been told they were valuable by their nephew who they should've trusted and if they chose to disregard his advice that's their own lookout."

"So that's how I got them It was totally due to my wife wanting to help me in my hobby and my own predatory nature :)"

Underground Comix / Rare Stuff

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