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"Snatch Comics" #1

This book has been SOLD!!!!!!

1968 - RARE - Near Mint - bonafied first printing of which 300-500 copies were printed by underground comix printer Don Donahue (the amount is pure speculatory information from various sources). The Kennedy Guide says 800 copies. Entire book by Robert Crumb and S Clay Wilson. This comic is harder to find in Near Mint than a Plymell Zap #1.

This book came from the largest private underground collector in the world who owned three copies that he obtained from the same source, I bought two of those NM copies from him.

This is the version from the very first part of the print run, it has the white speck above the blonde's head, it also has the white cut mark on the top of the man in the background, and the blue in the background is lighter than the second part of the print run that has the white speck above the woman's head. All of this information was discovered by me and posted on my website in 2000. I had a stack of Snatch #1s to inspect and also the test pressing prints of the covers before the book was printed.

This is the book with the famous two page/one image horizontal spread by S Clay Wilson. Larger detailed scan available for serious bidders.


Underground Comix / Rare Stuff

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