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Cover of Doomsday"Doomsday" #1 - $300

1973 - RARE - Published by Black Cat Publishing Co in Felton CA. 40 pages. Fine with two minor top tears on four pages inside - bonafied first and only printing of which only 187 copies came out its' mass Holocaust. It is extremely rare. It was printed by a Santa Cruz newspaperman who got mad when he found out the distribution profit would be small and threw them into a dumpster before they were trimmed and collated. The artists snuck in his yard and stole as many as they could, took them home, hand trimmed and stapled them. There were 187 final copies assembled.

I bought this book from Jay Kennedy a few years ago. In his 1982 Price Guide, he listed this book with a top price of $80.

Artists inside are: Tom Gasparotti, Ralph T Reece, George Metzger, Hector Tellez, Ted Trollman, and Roger Boyce.



Underground Comix / Rare Stuff

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