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Old School Underground Comix

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Come on in and check around, I have a bunch of stuff to look at..................

Raw Magazine #1
Near Mint - 1980

The first issue of Raw Magazine had a print run of only 5,000 copies, do you own one of them?

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Underground comix are the hottest coolest comic collectables & they are hard to find in Higrade

Snatch Comics #1- 1968
Near Mint - 1st Printing

This comic is very rare and had a print run of 800 copies. It was also confiscated by the fuzz.

Old School Underground Comix

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Uncommon underground stuff is very hard to come by because only a handful of them exist.

Zap Jam Movie Invitation
1969 - Very Rare

You never know what you are going to find in this section, but it will definately be unique stuff.

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We have thousands to choose from, from old undergrounds to early 1990s alternative stuff.

Beer Comix #1
Near Mint

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