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Art Comics Poster - published 1994 - Broadside Poster

$15 $135

regular version

signed by all of the artists

Original size is 30" by 35" printed on 100 lb.dull cover offset stock

Limited print run of 1,000 copies of which only 150 copies are signed and numbered by each artist.

This is the Original Size of each comic on the poster!!

Washington DC Artists include:
Ed Bisese, Jane Anthony-Buckman, Kimberly Camp, Michael Carr, David Carlson, Donna Coleman, Kate Curry, Richard Dana, Ann Farrell, Barbara Franz, Nancy Freeman, Char Gardner, Arthur Gilbert, David Gwathmey, Partrick Kirwin, Elaine Langerman, Rudy Manuel, Jeffrey Marasco, Theresa Knight-McFadden, Michel McMullin, Oura Sananikone, Wayne Paige, Michael Platt, John Pope, David Pumphrey, Lynn PUtney, Brayan Richardson, Larry Rodman, Michael Sindler, Randi Trinka, Andrea Uravitch, Bebe Williams, and Lee Wheeler.

 Artcomics Stuff / Comics and Posters
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