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Bebe Williams

"Copysun" - $1,300.00 - signed with full signature - 1994 - Oil Painting on board with mixed media (which includes duct tape, a coat hanger, and pieces of billboard paper). This subject matter hangs in some Judge's Chambers in Washington DC by this artist.

Artwork measures 44"x24". Heavy mounted on wood and ready to hang. (larger scan is available, just ask)

Most of Bebe's work is created for the Art Gallery experience, but some of it has escaped into print. Various subjects of Williams includes: social injustice, outright comic art experimentation, stupid politics, and underground subject matter (among innumerable others). Williams is one of the past winners of the Xeric Award, which stands for excellence in alternative comic books. Radical and good, just like a good heart should have!! His works have appeared in Bobby Ruckers, Newsweek, Strange Magazine, Playboy, Wired, and many others.

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 Artcomics Stuff / Original Artwork
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