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Bebe baby,
How come you never change the letter page? I'm sure you get pathetic letters from wanna-be cartoonists all the time. It's interesting too, that they (the artists) all seem to be 'good', or at least say they are. I've been doing it for 7 years and I still suck; but I was convinced along time ago that enthusiasm beats the shit out of talent in the long run. Not that I've had alot of even that, which is why I haven't sent any 'Kickbutt' strips for your "showcase" thingee....I'm also under the impression that it takes a large dose of Kickbutt to appreciate Kickbutt; I'm just not sure the crummy art atop a kind of 'what the hell?' humor would make a very good showing, bite-sized.

Still doing the 'books' though. I'll send you a few for my birthday this summer. Since you are Stan Lee and I'm Marilyn Monroe, maybe we'll do something in the future...unless one of us gets a cantalope sized tumor or something...

Aloha! -Tom Kalb

Hey, My name is Jason Pfeiffer and I am a good cartoonist.

If you would like to see some of my work check out I can do one hundred cartoons a week if i really wanted to or in other words if someone gives me money. In the mean time, I'll just flip burgers until someone maybe ever notices my god given gift. I guess everyone who's reached were they want to be had to suffer terribly for a long fustrating time. I guess thats beautiful life. I can just think about how much a laugh it would be if im flipping burgers until I'm forty and then I get discovered when I'm old and I missed out on so much and on top of it, getting paid good money for what I could have done twenty odd years ago.

Love Jason Pfeiffer


my name is Ben Gregory, I used to hang out at your shop (in Tampa) and annoy you with Scott Gilbert. I remember the first time I heard "Hit me with your rythym stick" and other classics, such as "Chicken with it's Head cut off" at your abode there.

But now I suppose it's MR Williams, or "That Artcomic Guy" or some such. Scott sent me a copy of Artcomics #1 and I enjoyed it thouroughly. Let me know how you're doing and let me know when the next issue comes out.

Still a fan,

hi : my name is Mohammed Shahm an animation director graduated from high institute for cinema ,Egypt...

i heard about you, i ask how can i make a work with you ...and i need to know more about you .my adress is : 13 Ahmed Adawia st , Thakanat El_Maadi , El_Maadi , Cairo , Egypt . Egyptian my phone is : 0101594775 02-3513840 my E-Mail is :

i'm interested in : Animations , Designing , Direction , Comics , cartoons ... etc. graduated : high institute for cinema 96-97 my grade point : good , very good in my Animation Movie. my programming language : Photoshop - Freehand - 3D max - Adobe premier - Soft image - scala MM - Par - scenary animator all for PC,Mac Os and Amiga . Languages : Arabic - English. jop 1 : I worked as a : Super Visor - art director - Key animator - Clay animator , in El-Zamzam Media 92 to 98 . jop 2 : I worked as a Visioualiser and designer , in MEMAC Egypt 99 .

i work in a Charecature Magazene with mr.Mostafa Hosseen the most famous charecaturest in Egypt - in AL-Gomhoria news paper - Alladen Magazene in AL-Ahram news paper - Nahdat Masr as Key animator . I wanna work with you .... I hope you send me soon , thanx.


Say fellas, I'm curious. You pay for toons?

I only ask because I'm out of milk. Won't nothing wrong with pro boner peace corp crap until I got that expensive piece of paper hand delivered by an officer of the slaw yesternoon. Sorta reordered the priorities, yaknow? Well who cares? Ya do or ya don't. This probably ain't even the right place to ask the question much less to be holding a disassociative identity disorder fantasy. I got some stuff nobody but you would ever want to put their name anywhere near. Talk to me, at least.

Dear Editor

Hello, Are you a cartoon syndicate? If so i'd love to submit my cartoons.. My cartoon is not a daily but it would be a daily if i were paid for it.

Please let me know. I really need a break. Mike,

to comic strip writers:

You could have read one of the newspapers or less that your strip was printed in or got disgusting CNN News on the 'Net rather than heaving away at me, for your highly paid, mostly un-funny drawings with captions daily.

Or you could have "raped" Mark Russell with DC from Buffalo, before he got worse with the rest of TV, but then you would have paid him. That would have been with legal contracts. I never had one.

Did Sam the junk dealer or Arthur Santry with Howard Winterson ever offer me anthing like this? It is no wonder that I got Linda instead of a nice girl to begin with anyway, in Amherst--as well.

And obviously, nice Ginny has been out of the question, until soon. Then it wasn't her stance on the mothers over the Elite at all. For instance, I heard that there was one nice Jewish girl or so in Philadelphia while I was less than living with Fat Pig Pearl on BG Road--not Harry's fabulous Gross of haberdashery. In actually, I never had a single date on Pearl, who much, much less than actually guarded me.

For Ginny, I would have taken her wrath, when she was at Shriners. But that third in line at ugly-person niece's wedding and still attractive in her fifties woman's art appreciation was really enough for me to know that it wasn't going to work out, whatever with Pearl. But that brings up the male urge, that even the forever bottom still has, and my never living in New York, city-wise.

"Zachary Fink"

dear AC,

I really love the website but I have one problem with the site the problem is:
Why don't you have a chatroom?
Because I am really a fond of chatting, you see.
So please create a chatroom, just for my sake. Please???????
So. I think my letter is going long enough.


Augustine is realy a phenomenon in the realm of comedy. if you don't try to save his talent... it will sink into oblivion. please seave him. you will be sure that you've just discouverd an EXTRAORDINARY talent if yo see the following web page:

But Augustine prefer to be mailed via hotmail:

i am sure that Ahmed "augustine" is an extraordinary new talent in the world yes he is lawyer but he is a tereble future star of the comedy world

Say fellas, I'm curious. You pay for toons? I only ask because I'm out of milk. Won't nothing wrong with pro boner peace corp crap until I got that expensive piece of paper hand delivered by an officer of the slaw yesternoon. Sorta reordered the priorities, yaknow? Well who cares? Ya do or ya don't. This probably ain't even the right place to ask the question much less to be holding a disassociative identity disorder fantasy. I got some stuff nobody but you would ever want to put their name anywhere near.

Talk to me, at least. Love, Kerry

I think you're a bit confused. Everyone knows that J.C. is a Republican and Satan is a Democrat. Or are you intentionally trying to annoy people?

Kurt Crosby

I know it's your right to make fun of whatever you want, but next time you make fun of Conan O'Brien, why don't you at least use his real laugh, and not just something that you decided he sounded like. Or you'll have a mob of late night addicts after you, and don't laugh their are a lot of us! Just Concerned about your welfare


Dear Funny People:

Your jokes where so hilarious that I just bust a rib! Truly I'm sending you this E-mail note form my hospital bed and the sweet naked nurse is typing it for me. Yeah! Right! Some of the jokes where grgrgreat but some where blaah! Lets see a little more great drawings or illustrations of women with their EVE dresses on. In other words NAKED! They sometimes can be very funny too. The president would like it also whit so many things on his mind and hands this days. Keep up the outstanding great work,funny people. Your fan forever ( and this is a real obssesion of mine) Please make me laugh! The world (as you say) needs a good laugh.

Mr.Gustavo Sanchez #58 Taft St. Santurce P.R. 00911

Hello Webmaster,

I just think you site is just too funny!!!!! I just was surfing and came across yours!!! If you have a mailing list (put me on)!! ~but only if it's free~ You made my day!!Keep on making people laugh!! It's good after a hard day of work!!! Just love it!!I hope to see your new updates!!!Have a great day!!! LOL :)



Are you a cartoon syndicate? If so i'd love to submit my cartoons.. My cartoon is not a daily but it would be a daily if i were paid for it. Please let me know. I really need a break.


Submission Information Request

Senryu Sid, a daily op-ed cartoon presently at is looking for a base to expand to daily newspapers. Please check Sid out and let me know if he's suitable for your syndicate. Thanks,

Greg Jungheim


We really want to load some of your comics on our site. We want to know your price policy. Our site is a very small one and has non commercial purposes. It's only to teach our Korean people English. Please tell us your standard price for the comics. We want it to be as low as possible within your price scope. Good Luck!

I hope it's not too rude that a stranger should write this kind of letter. We have a new small home page here in Korea. It is to help our Korean people to learn about the English language. We know that comic books are one of the best ways in learning a foreign language. And comic books themselves make us energetic and refreshed. With some difficulties, we could find your site. That is to say, we found just what we wanted. We hope some of your comic books could be loaded on our page. As our home page does not have any commercial purposes, we have nothing to give you in return right now. But we know your arts are something invaluable, and if there happen to any chances that we can make money through your comic books, we will notify it to you and wait for another permisssion. If you permit, we will translate it into Korean, and tell our people what are the points of the story. We wil also make back links for every page using your comics as a small token of gratitude. And we will think over what can be helpful for your site. If possible, we want to use most of your comics. But if it's not possible, please give us a permisson for at least LIGHTHOUSES AND MERMAIDS and The Green Skull. If you cannot give us permission, feel it at home and just say "no" please. We are O.K. But in fact, we hope your kind answer.


Dear Artcomic:

I think ART COMICS is the GREATEST ARTFORM!! That's why I used comics to illustrate the stories of my FUNomena Mobile Museum of the Weird and Strange. You can't beat publishing comics on the color separations or additional costs for full bleeds! Please check out my FUNomena Comics

Gerri Ann Siwek
Siwek Astral Travels

Dear Artcomic books gang,

I had been popping in from time to time to enjoy Zabel and Dumm's wonderful BANSHEE. Somehow I missed the ending. I'm kind of new to the cyber world. Is this still available somewhere? I could only have missed a few installments. Also I would love to write the lads themselves. I really enjoyed the Green Skull as well! I am a cartoonist also, but I'm really an idiot about this online stuff so far. How do I get involved?

Hope you can help me. Slappy

Just a note to say how much I enjoy Amazing Montage Comics. I've admired Zabel & Dumm's work since I first came across them in American Splendor.

Will "The Trespassers" be issued in book form?

Tom Marcinko

"Tom, "The Trespassers" is available in your favorite comic store. Be sure to ask your comics dealer to get you some copies. I've forwarded your email to Joe and I'm sure he'll fill you in on some details." - BW

Hi Bebe!
I'm Scott Mills, and the Xeric people said that I should give you a holler to get my name and comic hyperlinked to my website. My name can go right to "" and Cells can go to ""... I appreciate it, and thanks.

P.S. I like your site!
Scott ""


Hey, my new zine is out and also on the web at You are welcome to mirror it if you like, or just read it, or if you want I could send a hard copy.

Best Regards, Peter

Nazi Doll
Page In Question: Klaus Barbie
Article about Klaus (down now)
Thanks to my lawyer Rob Kasunic in this matter.

The letter you refer to from Mattel must be a joke or the product of a very unsettled individual.

It is my understanding that paradoy is typically not an infringement of copyright: But then even an unsuccessful lawsuit might be publicity for their product. However, I think it would be wonderful publicity for your work!

Hang in there and keep that sense of humor.

J F Jacobs

Don't they have better things to do? I bet Mattel backs down real fast.

I just graduated from Harvard Law School and work for a large Boston law firm. I would be interested to know how you handle this. Although I am restricted from actually giving advice to non-clients, I have got to think that your lawyer would want to respond with some sort of FREE SPEECH claim.


Stu Rees
Stu's Comic Strip Connection -

Dear Bebe,

I had a similar problem in The Red Nonsense". Well known in Russia "May tea" company was angry for our parody on their ad. I went to their office, talked to them, explained that it is humor, and the problem was settled to common satisfaction.

Alexander Sokolov


I strongly urge you to milk as much publicity out of this as you can! Mattel is handing you nationwide exposure for all the media. Contact the newspapers, Zentertainment, Ain't-It-Cool News, AP, CNN, TV Network news depts, etc. Send out both print and e-mail press releases. You are clearly covered on this because: - A. It's satire of a public historical figure - B. Mattel doesn't have a leg to stand on.

Their lawyers are just trying to bully you. Make it work for you. This could be a gold mine. Tell them to go ahead and sue you because you will win the suit and you can use the publicity.

You would probably qualify for legal help from CBLDF. Art Comics is still comics.

Best, Ron Evry
Creator of Witzworx - The Shareware Comic Book Font


Who do these goons think they are! Haven't they heard all the Barbie jokes circulating on the net? Are they so totally clueless that they can't even take a joke!? Sounds like another "Toys R Us"(TM)-type attack. :(

If it'll do any good, you can add my name and email address to a list of people/web developers/other internet support personnel who support your side. The correct contact info for me is:

Miss Donna Marie Calcote E-mail:

It is obviously PARODY, which is protected by the 1st Amendment and by law. Mattel has no leg to stand on. Parody is a perfectly legal form.

Joe Bevilacqua

Dear Bebe:

What is this Mattel jerk's Email address? I'd like to inform him of the First Amendment rights enjoyed by American artists. I couldn't seem to pull up KLAUS BARBIE, and I'd like to see it. When I first read your Email, I thought it was Fen-Phen Barbie he was twisted up about. Then I remembered: Fen-Phen Barbie is on Check that one out.

I hope he publicizes the hell out of this bullshit claim, because Art Comics is the best!

I'm a writer, working on a book called THE WAR ON SEX, DRUGS, and ROCK & ROLL. Some of your comics have been inspirational to me, and when I get a book deal I will be asking for permission to reprint several of them to illustrate my case. Clearly, "Klaus Barbie" can do nothing to "harm" that stupid doll/sexual stereotype, which I consider to be one of the more pernicious icons in America.

Good luck... and keep me posted please.

Francie Schwartz

I admire you for taking a stand like this!

What are they gonna do next..SUE Austrailia for putting a few "Shrimp on the Barbie"?!! What a bunch of baloney...

You got guts and they're obviously stupid..get this out to a TV station so these clowns get exposed for the Idiocy of their claim, maybe YOU'LL get some free Advertising for yourself as well..People hate this kind of crap..

Mike Stinson (Mr Nice)

Are they seriously stabbing out *that* blindly? They must be using search engines in a truly stupid way.

I'd like to add a link to your "threatened" page to my Daily Barbie site.


Barbie is a sacred American icon, like baseball, apple pie and Chevrolet, and anyone who disrespects her must be a commie barbarian and should be drowned in the lower Patuxent river.


Richard (McCarthy) McMurry

Thank goodness for the 1st ammendmment.

Hello Bebe,

There is little information available about the development of the Barbie doll. One story is the doll was modelled on a girl who overdosed with oestrogen by eating commercial chicken.

The other story is the doll was based on a doll sold in a small German shop. If this story is correct, there is a German who can sue Mattel.

The closest equivalent I can think of is the Apple-Microsoft-Windows law suit. Xerox developed the Windows GUI. Xerox developed the "trash bin icon". Apple and Microsoft copied the concept and a lot of detail. Apple then sued Microsoft for copying Apple. To this day, a lot of Apple users still believe Apple invented the GUI and their beloved trash bin icon.

Perhaps a German cartoonist can find the small German shop and an original Barbie doll. The inventor might let you post pictures. Other cartoonists can then use that image as a basis for future work. Or we could just hang around chicken shops.


I Love This Place

How long does it take to screen out all of the bad mail and find an actual fan letter? Just curios! I bet there are a lot of really good comics in your collection somewhere, why don't you publish them instead of the ones that "stink up your page?" Just wondering =)

I can't imagine a bigger waste of time than what I'm taking my time to do right now, but, I think with a little consentration and a "sence of humor" your site could one day amount to something =) Keep up the crapy work! I really love this place! Maybe someday I'll come back...maybe I'll meet Elvis too! I can't wait! (Do you consider that funny? Make a comic about it)

Whatever P.S. I expect you'll never put this up on your site, in fact, if you really expect me to believe that all of those "e-mails" are for real, I laugh at you! "Steve D. Schulz" -

Great Site!

Well, Gee, Um...

That's all I really wanted to say! Thanks for a great site for comic strip freaks like myself!

-R. Schneider

Art Comics are Brilliant, Really!

I can't tell you how impressed I am with your 2000 directory - I think that's great stuff!

Harry Hilson - FINE ART INC.

Hello Bebe,

I have been following your page closely for about a year now. Congratulations on all your hard work, esp on Bobby Ruckers. You are a sure-enough inspiration to me, to the point where I have actualy done my own mini-comic. It is called Big Weirdo Comics, starring Depresso, The Saddest Boy In the World, and it is a pippin. I would like to send it to you, but where? How? When?

Thomas O'Brian

As always, I will check on the page frequently. Hope to hear from you soon.

Dear Art Comics:

I really enjoyed your web page. The alternative comic book market needs all the promotion it can get and I think you do a wonderful job. Your comic impressed me quite a bit, I have never really encountered anything like it before. But that's the gist of comics... the unlimited varieties they may come in. Thanks for the page and for your addition to the comic art community.

Tom Shannon


I am srooy, i writting english say no,but I very like drawing. Looking your Internet home page after very hope you give some cartoons, thank you!
My (Davie Huang)

I loved your new "Imagemap Icon Bar with Pop-up images". A really neat effect. Steve Howard

Dear Mr. Williams:

Thanks for letting me include your strips. Art Comics is one of the Internet pioneers in the comic strip field, and I am proud to help bring more viewers into your "orbit." Steve Rees


I just found my way to your cartoon page after getting a forwarded letter from Lisa Pease's JFK email group. Wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your cartoon(s)! They are not only humorous and witty, but are among the most artistically professional I've ever seen. I am making a HTML "newspaper" for myself, and plan to link to your comic page. I also will reccommend it to others. Keep up the good work!

- - -Andreja - Proverbs 3.5-6

Funny & fresh!

Like it alot How much for syndication.

We are thinking of putting a site together in the near future & need to get a qoute.

Your friend in Miami Oscar Perez check-out http:/

I just like to say thank you for "COPYBOOK TALES" I recently started to purchase "alternative" titles due to getting sick of the old boring mainstream. I found issue 1, I am hoping my comic shop receives the next issues. I am also a comic artist (only locally known in Brisbane, Australia), I am currently creating a comic about a dumb (can't speak!) superhero in a bizarre world. I hope you enjoy one of my completed pages of "The Seeker". I look forward in hearing from you. I was also wondering if there are any writers who would like to send me a script for a comic so that I my practice drawing comics.

Stephen Blundell

Hey there, we will be running a review of Thringst in indy Magazine #17. indy Magazine is a bi-monthly print and e-zine dedicated to the coverage of alternative comix and film. The issue with your review will be hitting store shelves in January and you'll be able to see it on-line at:
Here's the review:

Thringst (Art Comics)-

By Larry Rodman. -Larry Rodman’s full color daily comic strip is a dramatic demonstration of the potential of the world wide web for the comics medium. A wildly improvisational riff of pen and markers and an occasional paste-up, it combines the appeal of lampoon with the enigma of abstract art. The strip stars a trio of odd creatures called the Puppets, and the stories have the puzzling, off-center quality of a Mystery Science Theater 3000 skit. What really grabs you, however, is the striking art. Panoramas of bold black rendering and muted, festering color are thrown together with reckless abandon, like Basquiat shooting up with Jack Kirby. Clearly Rodman has no audience in mind except his own demented imagination, which is all the more reason why this strip is not to be missed!

Joe Zabel Anyway, have a great weekend!

Jeff Mason Editor - indy Magazine

Dear BeBe,

I like the "artistic version"; it has a nice look.

Just got the Bobby Ruckers 1 and 2 yesterday and have only had time to read the first story. I loved the "It would be real easy to call SUPERMAN and have him rescue her but that would cause copyright INFRINGEMENT!" Receiving both books definitely brightened my day!

Congrats on appearing in that CNN web page! There is *something* about your cartoons and the other ArtComic cartoons that has spoiled me from reading Pea Nuts and other comics...

Keep drawing 'cause I look forward to keeping reading!

Adios, Mike (


I think your comic was very fitting for the season, not sacreligious, and brought the point of the cross home while giving us a chuckle at the same time.

As a firmly committed christian I appreciate your work (especially this one). I am looking forward to your regular new comics.

Rodney Lancaster

Superb comics,

We are just going through the phase of banning the sale of pigan. Half human, half pig, pigan is pig infected with human DNA. Of course pigan would have put us on the same collision course Britain has with beef. Rather than kill Australians with what would have been essentially a giant medical experiment, we are hoping the science will remain fiction and stay on the silver screen.

If pigan ever does leak out of the laboratory, it could be marketed as Babe steak.

I, for one, will remain a vegetarian while the rabid scientists turn meat in to mystery. Perhaps you could do an Xfiles cartoon on pigan.

Yours sincerely, Peter Moulding

I'm a reporter for the NY Times doing a piece about comics on the Web, and am interested in talking to you folks about your site. You could call at (withheld) or email at address below. Thanks.

Iver Peterson The NY Times - (address withheld)


I'm prepearing a little speech that I promised to give about internet and comics for the finnish comic festival's speakers forum (or something like that. it's place where people will talk about different aspects of comics) that's being held this coming weekend. I'm going to mention art comics as an example of a way independent comics are distributed on the web. I was wondering if you could tell me few thing about art comics... Is art comics distribution something that was born just for the web? Does it distribute comicfor printed paper? What kind of an organization is it? How many people are connected to it? When did you start? What are your plans for the future? That's about it. It'd be great if you could give answers to the above question thursday! (I know, it's like right now! Like I said, the speech is only two daysd away...) rami ahonen

Send in your email and we might publish it: E-mail

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